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Panda Honey

Premium Australian Honey

Offering premium quality honey since 1977

-   ABOUT US  -

Since its conception in 1977, Panda Honey has become one of Australia's largest honey suppliers to the Australian supermarkets and Export markets in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Our Australian beekepers located in the untouched regions of Australia, produce natural and premium quality Australian honey.

Our latest modern honey packing facility with its automatic state of art technology located in Adelaide, South Australia allows us to package honey throughout the year to our various suppliers around the world keeping our beekeepers and our beehives very busy.

Honey is carefully collected from our beehives and packaged in various containers in its purest form to preserve the natural and healthy quality of our honeys.

Panda Honey is involved in medical research to identify the natural and metabolic properties of Australian Honey. In particular Panda Honey is planning to conduct the 1st human clinical trials in the use of Australian Honey and examine the metabolic effects of honey in people suffering from type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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